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Html & Css Layout


When I first started to create this site, I went searching for a template and found this one:

I really liked how clean the style was. Nice, easy to read, the slider moved pretty easy and gave some nice previews of projects.

After some fiddling, I converted this to a dynamic site using ListViews.

However, there were some core problems with the layout. The css was very bloated with code for classes from grid_2 to grid_16, though it only used 4 different grids. It used a lot of margin and paddings that required new pages to nest content 3 or 4 divs deep to keep content from overlapping.

In the end, I decide to use the same Coda Slider, and use some ideas, but build my own css and html from the ground up. This project took about 20 hours of work as I learned the intricacies of working with the coda slider as well as even more about floating, margins and paddings.

But I believe the work paid off and it will help future projects take much less time!

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