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One Week Deadline!


The idea is to see what we can do in one week, of course, that's a loose requirement. However, I want to seriously challenge myself and see if I could do it.

So, I spent most of Friday night researching layouts and forming the overall design. With the time tracker program I built earlier this week I'm able to see exactly how long I spent doing what on each day.

I spent 3 hours forming the design of the site. So much is determined in that time. I find that when you began a project you should always dream big. Don't start with what you know you can do, start with what you want it to become. Some of the first steps (the skeleton html and the database layout) become extremely hard to manipulate the farther you get into the project.

It's easier to not use a field in the database, then it is to try to add it halfway through. Especially when you start dealing with test server, live server and a Linq to SQL class file!

Reality will catch up to you later, for now, it's best to dream.

Over saturday and sunday I spent 7 more hours on html, css, graphics and a skeleton overview of the database.

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