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DB Schema


Today we began the databases. The hardest part for me was waiting to begin. I was chomping at the bit all weekend wanting to get started.

The four main tables (and their subtables):

1) Companies

  • States - pet peeve...
  • Status - active & inactive, made this a sub table to give room for future flexibility

2) Contacts

  • Types - personal, human resources, recruiter, etc. Used for sorting.
  • Phones - This one started as just a mobile and work phone field, but became a sub table during development.

3) Postings

  • Status - such as filled, new, applied,interviewed. Later I added an active and inactive status to enable quick toggling. I used inactive rather then filled to keep continuity on the site
  • Types such as full time, part time.
  • Skills many to many table. Thanks to the work I did on my primary site with "topics for projects", it was easy to implement and I love the flexibility of having a list of checkboxes that you can mark the ones that apply.

4) Communications

  • Types - phone, email, social media, meeting, interview

In the picture attached, I changed the actual names of the tables ;)

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