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Modal Popups


The term Master/Detail is used to refer to a control or set of controls that enable you to view the items in a list (master) and then edit or add individual records (detail).

This is commonly seen with a GridView and DetailsView which produce their data in only table layouts. It can be reproduced in many other ways, including using just a ListView to produce all of the effects of a master/detail.

I'm not much for "table" data. It feels too "excel" and just not flexible. Web users have gotten accustomed to being able to view items as they do on major sites like Amazon. Where they get a picture, and data all formatted around each other.

I'm also not much for feeling like I'm bouncing all around a site to accomplish one goal. You can use a MultiView in combination with a GridView/DetailsView to let people do steps individually, cleanly, but to me, it just feels like I'm being shuffled all around. Even though I know I'm staying on the same page.

So in the end, I utilized a ListView for the "master" and then a FormView nested in a modal popup for the "detail". I could have just used the ListView like I did on my main site, but I wanted the "readonly" mode that I got by using a FormView to display more details about an item.

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