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SubModal and Checkboxes


I began working with this concept with my main site. The concept is to have a popup where you are entering details on an item.

That item, has an associated many-to-many table attached to it, with a reasonable amount of options. In this situation, we have job postings, and we list what skills we have that are associated with that job. This let's us help determine which jobs we want as it might come down to whether we want a job doing just, or SQL, or on the other side of things, whether it was a Sales job, or a Customer Service job.

However, you don't want to have to create the item first, and then go somewhere else on the site to add skills for that item. The user wants to do that all in the same place... regardless of how tricky it may be to code ;).

Just like last time, I used a button in the first modal popup to Show() the second popup. This time, I got a LOT better at placement of the AJAX update panels. In the version of this combination that I have running on Job-Folio, there are no screen flashes at all when opening and closing the second popup :).

Because the button that calls the modal is in an update panel, and inside the second modal panel, is another AJAX panel I was able to immediately bind the display inside the first modal popup, when the second closes. So no more refresh button either!

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