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This was what I thought was going to be the most difficult objective for the project. It was actually on the "dream" list when I first started the idea of the project.

The db schema has 4 date fields for job postings.

Posted (date the job was listed) Deadline (last date to respond or submit) Start Date (could be the start date of the job or...) End Date (to be used in conjunction with the start date for contract jobs)

I also setup the Communication's table to have a FollowUpDate field, as opposed to just using a true/false bit field.

So, what did I plan to do with that data?

I really don't like wasted pages. Excess unused real estate for the user to stumble on, flounder around in, and then fumble out of...

I used the space on the main entrance page wisely for users not logged in, by displaying the login box and the create user wizard right there and easy to reach.

But after they logged in, or created an account... what to do with that space?

I had a vision of the start up screens that you get in most desktop apps. Like quicken, where you get a calendar with dates to be aware of that are coming up. Bills that are due, or outlook showing you meetings that are coming up..

I had dreamed of doing even more with this in the form of web parts and I spent a lot of time that first Saturday researching that. Disregarded it due to lack of support from firefox and chrome for web parts. They just didn't handle the drag and drop functionality.

In the end, I accomplished my goal to a comfortable point. Using a tab container with a tab for a calendar of followup dates, and a tab for job posting dates. Complete with a direct link for each of those items that takes you to the page, with the modal readonly view of that item displaying!

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