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When all was said and done I came really really close to my goal.

I began the project on Feb 3rd.

On Feb 11th, I spent the last 3 hours of project time checking over the code, cleaning up comments, checking formatting and final bug flush.

So in 8 days, I put in 61 hours and 5 minutes completing a website that not only will I be able to use as I seek current full time employment.

But I'll be able to use it for tracking any freelance jobs that come my way, or for tracking our performances as Tricks of the Light.

I've got 13 days until I present the project... talk about finishing early eh? :) In the time until then, I'm going to try to restrain from fiddling with it...

Though since the primary DataSource pulls for the master views all come off of one DataSource, I'm almost positive I'll be adding at least a search box into each page.

Just too easy to sneak in a little where clause into the CommandText ;)

If you like my work, or have questions about how I accomplished any of the code I did, please feel free to contact me. :)

In any case, head over to JobFolio and create an account to use the application for yourself and give it a try! I know I'll be putting a lot of use to it! :)

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