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Dynamic Forms


The registration form brought a large amount of challenges to the table.

Such as:

If a registrant was under 18, they had to have a legal guardian. The pricing structures were based on the age and included a section, with some sections having rows and some rows having seats. A user needed to be able to select from previously used addresses.

Not shown in the picture is if you enter a date of an individual that will not be 18 years old at the time of the event a legal guardian dropdown comes up displaying all registrants that the user has entered that are over the age of 18. If none have been entered, it gives them a warning telling them to first register an adult.

The previously selected address was also pretty easy, utilizing ajax to update the values of the textboxes if the checkbox was marked based on which address they had selected in their dropdown. If the user unchecked the box, it clears out all of the textboxes.

The dropdowns for section, row and seat proved to be the most challenging. At first I toyed with using the cascading dropdown list that comes with the ajax toolkit, however, it was not quite up to snuff with what I needed. Only some of the sections would have rows and only some of those rows would have seats.

In the end I used ajax to create my own conditional set of cascading dropdowns.

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