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Dynamic Schedule

ZenFest Dynamic Schedule

I needed a dynamically generated schedule that was built based on how many hours each event took place and how many events took place over the same hour.

The code is all dynamically generated, the number of tabs are based on the number of days the event take place and will build additional tabs as the event has more days. The columns on the schedule are also dynamically generated based on the number of locations for the event. The number of rows, based on the start and end times setup for each days events.

In order to make the complexity of this code easier to manage I created a half dozen methods. The code being refactored to this degree made it easier to expand and develop.

This code was not as object oriented as I would like, and will be changed in the next version for certain, however, having just learned how to truly utilize methods less than 6 months prior, I'm pleased with the resulting functionality.

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