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Basic CMS Construction and Url Routing

Basic CMS Overview

On September 26, 2012 I did a presentation on basic CMS construction and url routing with .Net webforms.

The synopsis of the presentation was:

Turn your customer's into the content editors and leave the programming to you with a proper CMS construction. Learn a simple way to build inline site editors that allow the owners of the sites that you build to become the admins. They won't even need to know HTML. Additionally, learn how to integrate this with URL Routing to enable you to create sites with better SEO as well as utilizing "templates" which allows one .aspx page the ability to generate an unlimited number of pages.

I created a sample site at

The basic cms system utilized the ajax editor that came with the toolkit to keep it simple. It wasn't the most efficient code, merely aimed at delivering an entry level approach to creating a template driven website.

The version that I used for my own sites was much more efficient and complex.

However, I hoped that by creating a basic version such as I did it might encourage developers to work towards a more reusable design for their websites, as well as encourage other developers to break their own molds and work towards newer development concepts.

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