ChrisByram Website 2011 Version

Status: Completed
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This was version 1.0 of the site. It was completed in February of 2012. The initial design was based off of a template.

There were some great concepts that I conquered developing this code. I created the full admin functionality as all admin inline edits. At the time, I had been over run with admin portals from wordpress to vBulletin and the idea of being able to edit and change what I needed, right where I was looking at it, was just too tempting.

I also tackled some tricky parts of relational database design mixing with webforms by handling many-to-many tables using checkboxes. In order to integrate that into the site it involved working with the DataBound event and some Linq To EF.

This site was built when the AJAX Control ToolKit was still going strong, so most of the AJAX functionality was based on the kit using modal popups. I also used a lot of the built in UpdatePanels.

Lastly, I tackled the ListView and came to love this control with it's customization. Not having designer support didn't bother me at all since I had been programming for years without a visual gui.