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This was the project for completion of the track at Centriq. The goal was to create a website in one week that you could use to track your job search process.

We were tasked with the full process from creating a full database schema, an html template, and creating the entire user interface.

Rather than using a pre-built html template, I opted to build my own html template. I played around with several concepts just trying to explore and have fun with the project. Such as using icons for navigation. I'm not the greatest fan of icons for navigation but it was fun to play with.

I'm not a fan of table layouts so rather than using GridViews to display the info, I utilized ListViews. I also played with some other Ajax Controls from the Toolkit that was hugely popular at the time like the Ratings.

I brought over concepts I had developed from other projects, like the Multiple Modal popups and Checkboxes for Many-to-Many table relationships that had been built for the 2011 version of my site.

Even while playing around with several concepts, I put a huge focus into usability for the site by making the interface user friendly. This included using Session to store complex data contained in a larger type (like phones for a contact) prior to submitting the info to the database.

I also was very particular about how I built the database setting only a few fields as non-nullable. This allowed me to create ajax interfaces that allows someone to quickly create a new company when they are entering a contact for a company that doesn't yet exist.

In the end I accomplished the task in 8 days, having spent 61 total hours programming.