Registration in CSharp

Status: Completed
  • ZenFest-Site-Final
  • ZenFest-Site-Mockup
  • ZenFest Dynamic Schedule

This project was all about rebuilding the php registration system with better practices that I have learned and moving it over to C# with the .Net framework.

Previously, it had been built to operate on top of the vBulletin forum system, however, with the C# version it only utilized the .Net framework.

This version used the .Net webforms and continued to build on previous knowledge on handling many-to-many tables as well as heavy amounts of javascript.

Some of the new challenges I faced was cascading dropdownlists using UpdatePanels and writing a javascript countdown script as user's registration requests were locked for 30 minutes if they did not complete the purchase.

In addition to that challenge, I had to write an advanced script to conditionally build the entire schedule. I couldn't use a traditional table due to the way the schedule needed to layout with multiple items per data block and some of those needing to stretch across multiple rows.

In the end I used the script to build the height, width and positioning of the items.

This project is on my radar to be rebuilt once again to be responsive and utilize html5.